Who is Sweating Your Brand?

Who is Sweating Your Brand?

With so many overlapping audience groups and twice as many social platforms, generating quality interactions with loyal consumers can get a bit overwhelming.  

We’ve been working feverishly to engage with audiences with interest in community and urban development, public health, education, and philanthropy for years.  

Through memberships at local chambers of commerce, participation in AWESOME SA, board positions, and volunteering our core outreach has expanded astronomically since our humble one-client launch in 2011 (#shoutout @WestinRiverwalk).  

But post-pandemic we’ve decided to pivot how we define our coveted ‘Network’ as we work to build successful and inclusive spaces to share.- yes, we consider our newsletter successful, thanks to readers like you, but it’s time to scale!  

So – in Q3 & Q4 we will segment our list – 

  • If you want to better engage with other SMEs
  • If finding vendors to fill client work is getting harder
  • If your event attendance hasn’t bounced back to pre-pandemic numbers
  • If you are seeking to re-launch a legacy campaign.
  • And because, in the future you are planning more niche outreach 

…  we suggest you do the same.  

We want to identify better ways to communicate and interact with the many intersecting and diverse audiences Central Texas houses. Our intention, and we only operate in spaces that stress good intentions, hasn’t changed: 

To optimize and present opportunities our networks and communities will flourish in. And ….

We’ve redefined OPPORTUNITY as events, conversations, discussions, positions, spotlights, and platforms.

You may be asking yourself (if you made it this far) when is this all going to happen? Odds are, it’s already done- and can I add, I am so grateful to have you in the EHCU PR Network!