We’re here; and we not going anywhere

Starting a public relations firm wasn’t a hard decision for us.  When Uche and I met we had the first thing we recognized we hand in common was our hustler mentality.   We work hard.  We are warriors. And although a far cry from the Gladiators of our favorite prime time tv show, we’re setting goals to “do it big”.

Sitting back, there have been a ton of hiccups in our road to boutique PR stardom … I call our efforts “hopeful”, but not by the long shot.  BethanyEast has been blessed to be well received by a number of new audiences, and while creating new opportunities for our clients I think I have learned more from them than …I’m not going to finis that sentence.

We’re so excited about what’s to come for our little team here in San Antonio.  From narrowing down our fields of interests to bringing an intern on board, #TeamOgba ain’t going anywhere!

Welcome tour blog, feel free to comment, please share, correct us if we’re wrong … they call it social media so we can socialize … we’re game if you are.


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