This is Email Marketing.

This is Email Marketing.

Ok – just wanted to make sure that was coming across.

Hey Network!

The summer market season is winding down, the last three months have no doubt boasted ups and downs in your sales and promotions as vacations come to an end for your consumers, followers and fans. Entrepreneurs are taking this time to get back in their faces, while our professional friends are focusing on providing great customer service. Both can easily be done with, if the subject hasn’t revealed it, email marketing!

As a professional, I hate to love email marketing, it’s a quick and easy way to oversaturate and annoy your audiences. However email marketing is less intrusive than leaving the mall and finding your car peppered with car wash coupons and party flyers. Think of email marketing as a necessary hello – that shouldn’t be too intrusive, yet needs to be loud enough to be repeated if asked “what did they say?”.

Check out some tips to maintaining a relevant and interactive email marketing campaign below!

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