Sneaky Marketing

Sneaky Marketing

Marketing is a skill that should be done in stealth, but should also be creative enough to be easily identified with by designated audiences.  However, marketers should not think that they are at all smarter than their audiences; instead they are comrades in an effort to increase opportunities to buy.

However, we’ve noticed a few “new” marketing methods that haven’t taken their consumer and audience into deep enough consideration.  They blindly purchase email address lists, they are your friends that “tag” you in every new product post they can think, or even multi-level marketers who invite you to “network” only to try and get you to sale everything from travel to coffee.

And questions arise, what is to come of these methods?  Will their perspective products and industries last?  Will social media continue to be their platform of choice? Are these methods becoming legitimized or will people stand up against the tyrannical uses of their social networks by sneaky marketers and say, no more!?

Well, we can’t answer these questions.  That responsibility is up to consumers.  What we can tell you is that as marketers and publicists we strive to understand the many audiences our clients appease.  Processes like conversation planning, trend observation and focus groups help BethanyEast PR to structure campaigns that are identifiable and effective.  Campaigns that repeatedly and organically find their ways into the homes and traditions of consumers.

How about this?  How about we create ways for new business owners and marketers to identify if the methods they’ve been using are “sneaky” – because we honestly believe that some folks just don’t know how to “un-sneak” their marketing efforts.  Let’s see how this goes.

As always, any one can leave questions in the comments, and we’ll directly address them in this weeks’ posts.