Shifting Holiday Gears | Making Merry Moves

Shifting Holiday Gears | Making Merry Moves

Tis the season for giving!  And no matter if you’re an entrepreneur or corporate executive, or even as a neighbor (basically, as an adult) you are probably getting bombarded with requests to give – and each request is more deserving than the last. And now, more than ever our heart goes out, followed by our checkbooks.  We know, we’ve seen it!  This year we watched in amazement as local nonprofits raised $4.6M during the #BigGiveSA only to push the envelope even further as George Strait grossed $20M for Hurricane Harvey Relief – San Antonians have big hearts! 

If you remember in the May 2017 #OpportunityReport we discussed a Business Benefits for Giving – if you didn’t, we summed up how charitable giving is a viable marketing expense for small businesses.  Determining if a giving opportunity will fit your marketing should be a strategic process – here are FOUR QUESTIONS we ask ourselves to narrow down leads.

  1. Will our gift be part of a long-lasting installment or a seasonal campaign? 
  2. Does marketing collateral include print fliers or purchased ad placement?  
  3. Will our audience find interest in this cause? 
  4. Will our audience consider giving?

So what, our method doesn’t believe in a draw? That’s how sure fire these questions are!  Try them when weighing your next opportunity to give and let us know the outcome on Instagram by tagging @BethanyEastPR in a vid! 

Peep the event listings below to catch up with us around town including Aztec Theatre (Tank & Leela James Concert) and Dignowity Hill (GOODgoods & Chica Verde Fall Fest).   Also, be on the lookout for special invites to a Thanksgiving Edition of our Feast With the Beast Lunch Series.

Cheers to the start of a wonderful holiday season!


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