How To Be Your Own Publicist | March 2017 Opportunity Report

How To Be Your Own Publicist | March 2017 Opportunity Report

Greetings Network!

Is 2017 looking up or IS 2017 LOOKING UP! Thank you for reading our March 2017 Opportunity Report.

We were everywhere this past month – and if you are an entrepreneur so were you!

Whether you attended events for StartUp Weekend, joined us for the kick-off of #CasaSanAntonio at SXSW, met up with friends at PechaKucha, attended the South SA Chamber of Commerce Gala, or even visited a OneSA Neighborhood Chat – there was plenty to do in February.  All of which could dynamically impact your bottomline.  In March, as projects become more substantial, it’s no doubt time to focus on communicating your newfound capacity.

As a small business owner or professional you have probably spent many hours networking at events or on social media.  Your goals have probably been to increase sales and return consumer traffic.  But what about your achievements and winning strategies – how do you promote them without seeming arrogant or self-important?  As publicist, we help our clients do this every day!

Public relations is a craft that focuses mainly on managing communications strategy.  Our goals are to gain exposure for our clients in news media that in turns broadens their engagement with intended audience.


How do you become your own publicist?

It Just Takes 5 Simple Steps 
(grab a Post-It and jot these down)
  1. Share [reasonable] Goals. You are networking to launch great conversations , why not talk about your dreams.
  2. Limit premature “friending”.  Instead try connecting via LinkedIn and Instagram. …NOTE:  This only works if you consistently maintain these channels.
  3. Keep your website updated. Even we fall victim to this one – but it’s important nonetheless. In the interim, be able to recite the newest accomplishments your business has achieved.
  4. Grow and nurture great partnerships. Especially with businesses and brands in complementing industries. 
  5. Give BethanyEast PR, LLC a call – we’d be happy to provide a free social media audit and conversation planner template to help get you on the right track! 

What should your goals be?  How about, get other people talking about you, for starters. Followed by establishing yourself, brand or campaign as an authority in your industry.

Every piece of your communication does not need to be centered around garnering sales.  Instead, focus on sharing your accomplishments, successful partnership stories and creating opportunities for your clients to interact with your brand – we’ll talk about that next month in our A QUARTER For Your Thoughts Survey.


DON’T FORGET – We recommend you getting in contact with these campaigns in an effort to grow brand recognition



Great press starts with great stories – and this past month we’ve enjoyed seeing a lot of the stories we’ve been tapped to tell see momentous exposure, including our own. #RespectThePublicist

If you are a reader of the San Antonio Business Journal you may have seen two familiar faces on the cover a few weeks ago.  CEO/COO duo Christian & Uche Ogba were featured in the “Power Couples” story the paper published in commemoration of Valentine’s Day.  Check out the story here.

#TeamOgba was also featured speakers at this season’s PechaKucha talks at the Pearl Staples.  We were quoted in the Rivard Report.

A recent client, San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside (SAGE) gained buzz via a SA Express News Southside Reporter cover story on director of operations Akeem Brown.  Read it here.

Friend of BethanyEast PR, LLC, Chef Nicola Blaque was also a featured cover story, this time for theSA Express News Northeast Herald.  Learn more about Chef Nicola Blaque.


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