Partnerships in Social Media

When contacting social media managers in an effort to create a strategic partnership, here’s something to remember.

  • Know what is acceptable to ask – and the information you need to give up that will back up your request

Now that you’ve gotten past the introduction and you’ve made the connection with how your particular purpose/service/product or brand is going to interact with [you know the drill].  And you’ve done your research – meaning, you have juxtaposition as to what [one more time] needs, and how you plan to fill that void.  Your acceptable question should then fall under the lines of what corporate level or department would handle your request.  To repeat, most of the time social media managers are not decision makers – but by angling your question properly and strategically they will identify with your effort and point you in the right direction.  And if you do a really good job, they may even give you a great introduction to the proper decision maker in their company.

  • Give yourself time – requests and social media don’t move at the same pace

Social media is quick – from experience to post to reaction, everything happens very fast.  But when attempting to interact with other brands don’t forget their corporate structure.  Larger brands may have multi-levels of approval that one has to go through before embarking on a new venture.  Give yourself time to get in contact with the right person, give you feedback on your idea and of course they are going to want make sure everything is perfect and beneficial for them … and, two weeks, is usually NOT enough time.

Your thoughts? How has working with social media managers to create valued corporate partnerships helped or hindered your brand or campaign?