#OpportunityReport – Be The Beast

#OpportunityReport – Be The Beast

Disney had it all wrong.  Beasts shouldn’t hide, beasts are beautiful, and beasts are efficient, effective, and meaningful additions to the our shared ecosystems. 

All these years we’ve been fearing beasts, ostracizing them, and acting as if they don’t exist – we’ve missed out on their beauty, their expertise, and how they’ve so meticulously crafted their brands.  I mean, think about it – beasts are regarded as feared and compassionate, fierce and gentle – they’ve been leading change agents to how we see beauty, differentiation between good and evil, and more. Their method to creating madness, history,  and community has gone under-appreciated.

Well, not anymore!

Who is a Business Beast?

those who mindfully identify viable markets, aggressively acquire market share, and increase brand capability have so many great tips and tools to share with the world.  For example, in February we hosted our eighth Feast with the Beast Networking Lunch at Botika Restaurant with about 20 entrepreneurs and professionals.  Beast speaker Luke Solomonson, founder of data thinktank MatchDay Intelligence, launched a conversation on the importance of understanding your web analytics as a means of determining audience interaction and sales trends.  Attendees accounted for the types of data their businesses or positions collect as Lukes asked these key questions:How often do you review your data – i.e. analytics from your web traffic, e-list sign ups, social interactions, etc.?Have you noticed how the type and time of your content create natural ebb and flow in engagement?When you are a business beast – like most of us are – attentively reading between the lines of your data depots can directly affect processes in customer service, client retention, and branding.

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