Opportunity Report | June 2017

Opportunity Report | June 2017


So, did it work?  Did your April socials bring May follow-ups?  If so get ready because June [opportunities] are busting out all over!Summer is a competitive season for most brands in retail, as nonprofit campaigns slow down and take a break, those in financial fields slip into autopilot.  Of course a vacay from marketing may seem ideal but now is the time to capture the attention of an entirely new San Antonio audience.  i.e. Summer tourists and collegiate boomerangers.

There are plenty of opportunities for businesses and campaigns to level up during the summer months, you just have to get a little creative.  Below are a few Hot Tips that can help you reach new “local” audiences that also happen to be cost effective!



  1. Talk to strangers – Downtown is bustling with new consumers every day, more than 25 million tourists rush into the City each year.  Bringing with them their hobbies, habits, and the need to share great experiences with family and friends back home.  Small businesses, use your San Antonio Business Journal subscription to find out which conferences to engage with via social media.
  2. Feel free to share – Sharing is caring, and in business or campaign marketing, it’s paramount.  As a rule we try to share other campaign or company post 4x more than our own to show activity in your community and create friendships across brands.  Open conversations with neighboring businesses to help align separate audiences.
  3. Build your own opportunity – This is not a new trend, large organizations and businesses are beginning to see just how lucrative joining grassroots campaigns really is.  But to cut down on risk instead of offering full monetary sponsorship they offer to underwrite event logistics, i.e. boxed lunches, valet services, or wifi at event spaces.  Small businesses and new campaign take a note from us, don’t be afraid to get your foot in the door, but only offer what you can afford to provide.  Marketing should never break the bank.
We put all of these tips to work in our most recent excursion to Houston, TX for the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit – and oh what a time we had! We met with hundreds of entrepreneurs from industries across the globe.  Our network has definitely grown from this conference, and we look forward to working on a few partnerships we’ve already secured!Check out some of our takeaways on Twitter or the Special Edition #OpportunityReport.


As always, BethanyEast PR is here to help your campaign, brand, or organization build and launch dynamic PR, marketing, advertising, or corporate event campaigns that get your message across efficiently and cost-effectively. Feel free to call us today!


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