Opportunity Report February 2017 | What’s New In Marketing?

Opportunity Report February 2017 | What’s New In Marketing?

Greetings Network!

Have you recovered from the New Year?  How are you fairing in the First Quarter? Whether you spent the first three weeks of 2017 attending Dreamweek, Culinaria, Cocktail Conference, or MLK Commission symposiums and events by now you should be recognizing all of the cool things your small business or new campaign can join before 2018.  San Antonio, now more than ever, is ripe with opportunity and BethanyEast PR is excited to #getinvolved.

Here are some things that caught our eye recently, in months ahead we highly suggest getting your small business or campaign included in these city-wide campaigns:

Some of these events are being managed by BethanyEast – some aren’t, but feel free to reach out so we can clarify.

So, Network, what’s new in your marketing? At BethanyEast PR we find ourselves asking and answering this question a lot. Seriously.  There’s always something new in marketing… and advertising, public relations, strategic communication, social media etc.   Just think of the rat race of brands jumping onto a new mobile application or platforms every few months.  Only to never quite master all of the last platform’s capabilities – they fizzle out a million “Join me on [insert random app]” email requests – but inevitably fall flat on updating with new and unique content.
What happens next?  Their consumer audience either becomes fed up or completely confused and in both cases they disengage from the campaign.
Marketing is, and will always be, the art of staying relevant – and using your relevanceto build income streams.   How do you remain relevant?  By understanding where your audiences congregate and acting within the space and time where they are receptive.
If your audience is everyone (and it rarely should be), by all means billboard yourself, partner, sponsor and solicit like crazy – but if your audience is as niche as say “church folks” maybe a simple inquiry to sponsor the printing of chapel bulletins will not only make you relevant but organically increase engagement.
So, what’s new in marketing?  Simply put – Consistently thinking outside of the [Apple and Samsung] box.If you are struggling to find a place for your soap box, give us a call we’d love to help!

Christian Reed-Ogba

CEO, BethanyEast PR, LLC


FIZZLE – When you join an application that asks you to send out an invite to your network, forcing you to blindly spam your entire contact list – over and over again.

INCOME – Doesn’t have to be money.  Your goal for your campaign is your income – it could be increased LIKES, adding volunteers, larger donor lists, awareness, votes, new partners, etc.


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