At some point we have had to say NO to a client, media associate or employee for a particular request. We often feel guilty and pressured to say YES to accommodate the other person, while ignoring our own advice or moral standing. 

This is especially true as professionals, we are often hit back with NO responses and often we are compliant to appease whoever we need to please. 

It’s important to practice setting boundaries and not bend to demands that go against your beliefs to avoid you kicking yourself and are sour about your choice later. By conserving your energy you are able to commit your energy to what matters most and the business that pays you. 

Here are some PR tips to utilize when saying NO:

  1. Be Honest and Kind in your Approach – You cannot control how anyone may react to your NO but you can definitely control your tone and always respond with love and compassion
  2. Be Gracious – Thank the person that offered you the potential business opportunity and kindly share you are not in the position to fulfill their request at this time.
  3. Provide Recommendations – Suggesting an alternative professional to solve their pain point will not only establish you as a problem solver but you give a colleague the opportunity to excel while building rapport with the client.

You may be asking yourself (if you made it this far) when is this all going to happen? Odds are, it’s already done – and can I add, I am so grateful to have you in the EHCU PR Network!