NEW YEAR NEW YOU! Why Video Marketing Should Be Your New Year Resolution.

NEW YEAR NEW YOU! Why Video Marketing Should Be Your New Year Resolution.

Video has proven to be a powerful tool for businesses to to get their information out to the public, build a stronger relationship with customers and partners, and improve online brand presence. Brands who incorporate video in their marketing strategy experience an increase in sales, conversions and brand image.

When used efficiently and correctly videos add value to your public relations strategy, snappy messaging captures the audience attention, engaging visuals keep the audience engaged and an attractive call to action keeps the audience.

Here are a few reasons why video should be an essential component to your public relations strategy.

Informed Audience

Brands using video usually are promoting an event, keep their audience informed about a product or highlight the benefits of their brand. This I dubbed the “define your brand campaign’ , is an important process to share your brand story by keeping them engaged and keep them interested and wanting ore from you.

To do this you have to understand a few facts, According to Wyzowl, 87% of people would like to see more videos from brands. In addition, the average video is becoming shorter in duration because shorter videos capture the attention of consumers and longer videos cause consumers to skip watching to the end.

Its important to communicate your brand needs and offerings quickly and succinctly in a way that doesn’t get lost or ignored. Ensure your videos are at a minimum 15 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds. Using striking visuals, combined with quality music resonates with the consumer senses on a deeper level more than still imagery or press releases could ever achieve.

Raise Awareness

Video always will grab the attention of your audience. It allows your brand to communicate a unique message, offer products and services in a creative manner that keeps your audience engaged instead of getting lost in a very long text.

When targeting a new audience, getting their attention is half the battle. Make sure you give your brand the best opportunity by showcasing your campaign authentically and a clear call to action.

For your next campaign, ensure video and animation are adapted to your plans. Grab the attention of your audience from the start and communicate clearly, concisely and be engaging.

Improve Social Ad Performance

Social media companies are also jumping on the video train and have started to determine what ads consumers get to see. Videos have now become the preferred choice of ads and advertisers have started to take notice.

If you decide to venture into the world of paid advertising its best to put yourself in the best position to ensure ad platforms push your message further than traditional image or text ads. Video ensures your ads are optimized and perform above and beyond your expectations. in 2021 businesses saw a 78% increase in sales when a video ad was used.

Media Engagement

Next time you put together a public relations strategy that includes a press release for print or online coverage consider adding a video content to effectively sell the story to the journalist.

Video offers a great medium for storytelling that resonates with everyone, but journalists are also more likely to feature your story. Videos save them time from capturing the content themselves.

A high quality video alongside a tailored pitch is a the extra razzle dazzle a journalist is seeking.

You may be asking yourself (if you made it this far) when is this all going to happen? Odds are, it’s already done – and can I add, I am so grateful to have you in the EHCU PR Network!