Name dropping – is it an art? A privilege? Taboo? What’ say you?

Name dropping – is it an art? A privilege? Taboo? What’ say you?

Back when I worked for [Super Big Business ], as a [really interesting title] it was my responsibility to introduce minority entrepreneurs to gain access to procurement opportunities.  Now, having worked for [Long list of prominent businesses and offices] to promote marketing activations for diverse audiences.
Do you NAME DROP? 

Networking is hard – especially when you don’t have a wing-man, business bestie, or even just a colleague to attend events.  So, how do you properly convey how your business has affected local decision making, where your products were last seen, and which brands have endorsed your creative process – without making a fool of yourself? Great question! 

Here are some tips to Name Drop with ease.

  1. Get clarity.  Especially when you take on a new position or task, make sure you clarify and verify your title, how to regard your employers title, and when and where you can share information about your employer.  
  2. Yes, it’s who you KNOW, like, you have to for real KNOW them.  Dropping names of people that you don’t know (or that may be too busy to remember you) can be problematic and confusing. If there is any opportunity for you to ask whether it would be okay to mention that you’re recommended by, have done business with, and or is affiliated with a person or brand take it. 
  3. Testimonials are name dropping too.  A great way to drop names is to get people to drop their own name for you in the form of testimonials.  Turn short shout outs into memes to share via Instagram and Facebook Business Pages, or link up with clients and colleagues on LinkedIn for some quick network testimonial.  Add official testimonials to your email signatures or letterhead.  Or go all out and flaunt your functionality with a purchased ad on Google.

Name dropping can be beneficial when you are in the space to take advantage of opportunities.  Beware of dropping names with little or no follow through, you may risk losing out on multiple valuable networks or leads. 

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