Marketing Across Teams & Roles

Marketing Across Teams & Roles

Greetings Network!  Welcome to November!

BethanyEast PR is happy to report that our team is growing.  It seems like only yesterday we welcomed our first account executive, Gabrielle – who celebrates her 6-month anniversary this December.  Soon we’ll formally introduce our executive assistant, Briana Contreras, in a special #GoodPeopleSA professionals mixer during San Antonio Entrepreneurs Week (Nov. 14-18).  Together we’ve tackled some fairly epic events including the groundbreaking of the new University Health System Dr. Robert L.M. Hilliard Center on San Antonio’s east side and the upcoming Promise Zone to Entrepreneurship Conference hosted by SAGE.

As our team grows we are taking precautions to ensure that our marketing plan, capabilities, and goals can be effectively communicated across roles and responsibilities.  In the long run creating achievable marketing goals across department lines will help any business or organization compete in an ever changing markets.  Another added benefit, the better your staff, advisors, vendors and friends can communicate your business capabilities the stronger you appear to potential buyers and partners.

Think back on the last time you called an office looking for information on [insert something relevant].  Were you met with a knowledgeable receptionist who welcomed and answered questions confidently?  Or did you get a hum-drum “Let me transfer you to someone who can help you?” response? As a consumer how did that make you feel?  Is this happening in your office?  Are you depending solely on one department to provide client work for your entire business or campaign?  If you answered yes to the majority of these questions all hope is not lost – here are some tips to help your marketing plan flourish across your teams roles and responsibilities:

  • Seek opportunities to recognize departments individually on social media
  •  Make marketing goals known across roles
  •  Help departments seek out how they can help achieve marketing goals
  •  Create incentives for networking and attending corporate events
  •  Contact BethanyEast PR for a one-day seminar on branding across departments.


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  1. I concur that marketing goals ought to be known across all departments and roles within a company. That is actually the foundation of well result-oriented Customer Value Management CVM and Customer Relationship Management CRM which have to start in-house to the customers.

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