#EntrepreneurLife: What is Self Care?

#EntrepreneurLife: What is Self Care?

Greetings Network!

“It ain’t my fault that I’m out here makin’ news
I’m the pudding in the proof
Gotta blame it on my juice” 


So, yeah, if you sang that then it’s highly likely you’re living your best life.  And we’re so proud of you.  You’re thriving.  You’ve met and exceeded your goals.  The teams and circles around you are seeing the value you add and you may be planning some major moves between now and 2020.  All because you love yourself, you love what you do, and you are loving how you take care of yourself.

How could you not?  It is, if you had not heard, in fact, the season of self care. 

We are being bombarded with messaging about how to be better at doing what we want.  Everyone’s preaching the top ways to take care of yourself – from tech-free weekends to bulk order therapy sessions. 

Maybe it’s us, but is self care starting to feel a little self-ish?

With most of the tips finding you in complete isolation of …basically, everyone.  As if to hide a “it’s not you, it’s them” message in every solution and I’m just not feeling it.

Over the last few months EHCU PR has embarked on a corporate self-care campaign.  We first started by redefining “self”.  When you are a corporate team there’s no such thing as a singular self.  Self is everything that makes you YOU – it’s your community, your industry, your clients, partners, vendors, and friends.  So, we attempted to take care of as much of our “self” as we could.

We’ve volunteered hours to the San Antonio Food Bank in support of the Migrant Resource Center (new Wednesday shifts available soon), mentored young entrepreneurs at Trinity University Entrepreneurship programs (Uche is a judge for the upcoming Stumberg Venture Competition), and we almost can’t keep our #FreeGameFriday (join our Business Beast FB group for an invite) a secret anymore.

And it’s not just us.

Our friends at Junior League of San Antonio have set out on a journey to help Clarity Guidance Center. Join their campaign by giving today

That being said, helping others is self care.  Being in good company while helping others is also self care.  Scroll down for upcoming events with local organizations that are working in their purpose to support us all!

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