GPSA: April 2017 #OpportunityReport

GPSA: April 2017 #OpportunityReport

Greetings Network!

Happy Second Quarter and thanks for reading our April 2017 Opportunity Report.

If you have been watching closely, summer in San Antonio is going to be HOT! Festivities from a number of campaigns are wrapping up, but FIESTA! is looking larger than life this year, followed by Alamo City Comic Con, a number of street fairs, grand openings, and foodie events.  But most importantly it’s RFP season for business owners.  Companies and organizations are announcing that they are looking for cost effective solutions to problems you can fix.  The same goes for non-profits who are no doubt preparing for new donor campaigns to match budget reviews in Q3.  In both instances, public relations plays a major role in how your brand or campaign is seen by decision makers, influencers, donors and connectors.

Eva’s Heroes

Friends at Eva’s Heroes, a non-profit launched by actor Eva Longoria based in San Antonio, participated in the annual Jersey Mike’s #DayOfGiving where 100% of sales (you read that right, SALES) were donated to the nonprofit.  Social media posts made#DayOfGiving a trending topic across the country as hundreds of location were participating, each with their own nonprofit beneficiaries.

So, how did Eva’s Heroes stand out from the more than 200 participating non-profits?  Well, they called BethanyEast PR, LLC and for the entire day executive director Shawne Zakaria was joined by Mrs. Ogba LIVE ON FACEBOOK to hundreds of Fans travelling to 6 different Jersey Mike’s locations! Check out the remaining footage, including our SUB COOK-OFF.  

How To Keep LIVE Content Engaging

In the past we’ve provided LIVE accounts of campaign experiences to our Followers and Fans – here’s a few tips on keeping your audience engaged;

  1. Memorize Key Speaking Points | Be sure to tell your viewers how to get involved with your event over and over and over and over … and then two more times after that.
  2. Grab a Co-host |  Choose someone that you normally have great banter with and make it a point to match each other’s energy.  Practice different speaking points to round out your messaging!
  3. Be Yourself! | And you know what you look like, so don’t stare into your own face the entire time – talk to the camera!

As always, feel free to contact BethanyEast PR, LLC with your marketing questions or service inquiries.  You can email us at or give us a call, (210) 418-9051.

Don’t forget to VOTE

Early Voting for San Antonio general election begins on Monday, April 24, 2017 and ends on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.  General election for Mayor and City Council is Saturday, May 6th, 2017Visit NowCastSA for more details.

Until we network next, cheers!

Disclosure: Eva’s Heroes has some really awesome fans, anyone can learn a lesson from watching their social media campaigning.


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