Anecdote Based Networking – Opportunity Report

Anecdote Based Networking – Opportunity Report

Greetings Network!!

So we left last month on a good note – July was all about networking. We hosted the second installment of the Feast With The Beast lunchtime networking series at Botika. We urged attendees to share their stories and offered a few tips on storytelling. Peep the July #OpportunityReport for the full rundown of Tips for Business Building with Storytelling.

Liftfund Partners with SAAACF to Announce Dream Fund

This first week of August has already been one of our busiest weeks of the quarter. On the 1st, we attended an event hosted by LiftFund announcing a partnership with the San Antonio Area Foundation African American Community Fund – the Dream Fund will be a $25,000 investment meant to help local African-American entrepreneurs grow their businesses and brands. Did you know as early entrepreneurs, BethanyEast PR were LiftFund clients?  With an initial investment of $5,000 we were able to jump-start our business and acquire the tech we needed to land our first retainer client.

If you missed it, we went LIVE on Facebook and Twitter at the press conference, check out the videos and give us a LIKE or SHARE!

Fearless Nation Pop-Up

We then zoomed over to the Vogue Building (home of CodeUp) to the pop-up shop for FearlessNation, a branded apparel company that offers women bosses and brand ambassadors fantastic options to represent their brands with style. Personally, I am super excited for the offerings of this brand and I’m already considering my first order.  Look out for great opportunities to increase brand relevance from the FearlessNation brand.

Farewell to Eva’s Escape

And wrapping up the day – we joined chairwoman of the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce AND owner of the Eva’s Escape at the Gardenia Inn, Deborah Omowale to celebrate her immeasurable addition to the local tourist’s community. For several years, Eva’s Escape has been the top-rated bed and breakfast in San Antonio AND central Texas by TripAdvisor. Ms. Deborah graciously allowed us to host our first #GoodPeopleSA Mixer at The Inn almost 5 years ago. We are sad to see it go – happy to work with Deborah in her future endeavors.

Opportunity Report | Anecdote Based Networking

Yup – on the first day of August we’ve seen every stage of business growth. The day was ripe for networking – instead, we opted to share memorable anecdotes on past interactions with those brands, businesses, and organizations (i.e. Storytelling Networking, see how I just brought all these blogs full circle – two snaps!).

Here’s what to expect when you adopt an anecdote based networking model:

  1. People enjoy networking with you.  Because every networking instance isn’t perfect for pitching, a storytelling model can help break the ice and make your brand or campaign more personable.
  2. You spotlight your personality and business aesthetic at the same time.  Keeping your networking consistent is fantastic, but you risk becoming a robot.  Try to share stories that have comedic and informative humble brag points.
  3. More people will want to “introduce you”oh, this is from the personal BethanyEast PR piggy-bank.  As you share your stories in growth and success (i.e. no sob stories please) your network will take immediate interest, leading to more lucrative introductions, leads, and referrals.

Networking for your brand can mean the world for your entrepreneurial or professional career.  But just as you hypothesized, networking IS a science.  Give BethanyEast PR a call for consulting on strengthening your networking methods and all public relations/branding needs – we’re always here to help.